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Coaching & Content Options for Influential Leadership

The world badly needs visionary leaders --- forward thinkers who engage followers to produce positive solutions
for their organizations, their communities and their world.

At Speak to Your Success, our mission is to help those leaders excel through enhanced strategies, skills and content. Led by Hall of Fame Speaker and policy innovator, Norm Rebin, our sessions are focussed on your individual talents and situation. The result is a highly effective style and approach unique to you.

As a leader, your most powerful tool is communication: conveying your ideas, emotions and plans to your colleagues, your clients and the public. Once you have captured their attention, you can engage them in making things happen.

Public speaking is the most effective and efficient way to do that. Our coaching is the most effective way to learn to do it brilliantly.

What can this outstanding communication do for you?

  • Build and maintain trust

  • Engage others in your vision

  • Get buy-in for your plans ... or, your change in plans

  • Establish yourself as the spokesperson for your industry or cause

  • Advance your organization and your community

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Coaching Options to Make You an Elite Public Speaker

Be Confident :: Be Convincing

  • Coaching for Specialized Speeches

    Speeches come in many types and settings.

Here are just a few:
  • keynote speeches
  • annual meeting reports
  • panel discussions
  • product or policy launches
  • sales and bid presentations
  • investment, grant or donor pitches
  • advocacy speeches
  • political presentations
  • motivational speeches

Beyond basic good speaking practices, each has its own set of priorities and restrictions.   It is important to apply different approaches as well as different subject matter. Speak to Your Success offers coaching for the former and full speech writing or content segments for the latter.


Each type of speech requires a particular approach to be outstanding. Our coaching is for individuals, and, specific to only one type of speech. These sessions focus on the techniques unique to that particular form of presentation. They are virtual and normally consist of 3 one hour sessions. During that time, we can craft your content and develop, with you, a strategic and audience inspiring approach. In some cases, longer and/or alternate formats are available.
    • Intensive Two-day Immersion

      For busy executives, the immersion is our most requested program.

      The session is built entirely around you and your goals; and, is completely confidential. It is particularly effective if we can work together on both the development, and the delivery, of an actual presentation.

      Or, you may want to focus on a particular strategy or skill set.

    Here are some techniques most requested by previous clients

    • Build trust through presentations

    • Develop a distinctive personal style

    • Break free from notes

    • Really connect with each audience . . .and be comfortable doing it

    • Communicate complex material in engaging ways

    • Customize every presentation quickly and effectively

    • Become the most memorable member on panels

    • Become the industry go-to person

    What new strategy or skill is your priority?

    It is all designed to make you a uniquely great communicator and leader.

    Learn more about how it could work for you.

    Click for a no-obligation telephone discussion. .

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    You will receive high quality, accurate and motivational content.

    Get a full text::Get some highlights

    Major Speeches

    We have built our reputation for speeches that have lasting impact by including only concrete information and wrapping it in motivational and engaging wording and choreography. . . Yes, choreography. We include recommended movement and dynamics.

    How does it work?

    Every notable speech is based on a close knit partnership between the speaker and the speech writer.

    We always start, therefore, with a short telephone interview with you (and/or your communications person). In it we will cover:

    • the logistics,
    • the overall goal - how does this fit your overall mission,
    • then the specific goal for this event.
    As well, We need to know:
    • the content areas you want to stress.
    • Most importantly, however, we particularly need to know the audience connection you want to build...Are you launching something new? staving off a crisis? just giving the state of organization? motivating for the next big push ...?

    Your answer to this last question will set the tone for the entire speech.

    If it is a partnership, do I get to make additions or changes?

    The answer to that is a firm "maybe". Only three factors would make that a negative:
    • things like the tone of speech are pretty well 'baked in' right at the beginning and would necessitate a total restart.
    • if we feel that changes would really negatively affect the impact and your goals
    • if we are just days out from the event and you still need time to absorb the content- at that time, only minor word changes are okay

    How long will it take?

    Important speeches take some time to prepare based on the need for:
    • in-depth research into your specific goals for the talk
    • assessing the needs (and wants)of the audience
    • in-depth research into the material to be covered
    • finding and developing supporting materials to draw it all together

    Feedback from you or your communications advisor can also influence the preparation time line.

    The speech document you receive will be high quality writing with accurate and engaging content. . . customized to your specific style.

    Quick Customized Short Speeches

    Think of this as the "express" button on your package delivery.

    Maybe you just need some stats, examples, quotes or riveting segments to boost your impact. Or, maybe you need a full text (up to 10 minutes).

    Whatever your needs, our team of researchers and writers will have a short telephone chat with you and will then draft content you will be proud of. And, no, our team does not include AI.

    Completing your short speech usually takes under 48 hours.(If we can't do it in that time, we will let you know up front so you can decide whether to go ahead.)


    Segments to Boost the Impact of Your Speech

    Every speech benefits from these factors:

    • Concrete information

      This might include, eg., statistics, historic references, scientific studies, case studies, regulations or other factual examples

    • Motivational components

      These might include success stories, parables, "we can do it" language or a series of events leading to a positive result. Some can be self-standing: others would be interwoven with your text.

    • Emotion inducing sections

      One of the most audience engaging techniques is to take them on a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

      These sections might include heart warming stories, stories that anger, thouht-provoking quotes, reference to nostalgic experiences or repeated allusions to wins or losses. Only the latter need to be interwoven: others are all self standing.

    We can either recommend segments in advance, or, preferably do a quick edit of your text and suggest specific inputs. All will come with recommended intonations and movements.

    Policy Bundle

    At the request of a few of our clients, we have developed a service bundle which combines the research and development of policy papers, a launch speech for the policy and sound bites for the various media.

    Users find that there is considerable time saving in working with only one group to provide there three pieces.

    The service is not for everyone; but, if you would like to learn more about it, click below.

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    Need more input? Have questions?
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    On call strategy and content
    for leaders

    For a select few business and political leaders, we are available for special or 'difficult' communications strategy or content.

    We are neither a substitute for, nor competition to, your full time comm staff. Our role is to bring an outside perspective or range of experience to a situation which requires that extra touch, greater confidentiality or an immediate but thoughtful reaction. Equally important, we a totally confidential ear and sounding board.

    No two client situations are the same, but all require these elements:

    • total confidentiality
    • timely performance
    • understanding of a wide range of business or government goals, restrictions and potential pitfalls
    Our decades of client involvement have engrained all three in our approach.

    What motivates us is the people we work with.

    If you would like to discuss how you might (now or later) be one of them, please send us a message through this link.

    Norm, Delva and Niki